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Retrofitting involves updating or upgrading an existing system by incorporating newer components or more advanced technologies to improve its performance, efficiency, or functionality.
In the realm of machine vision systems or advanced control systems, retrofitting includes upgrading outdated technologies or integrating new technologies into existing equipment or processes to enhance their performance without the necessity of a complete system replacement.

Advanced Process Control (APC) systems retrofit

The performance of your processes can be enhanced by implementing a modernization of the advanced control software platform.
  • Does your current system have performance limitations?
  • Do you need to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your plant?
  • Do you necessitate better adaptation to changes in processes?
  • Is the support you receive for the APC platform insufficient or inadequate?
  • If you answered YES to at least one of these questions, now is the right time to consider upgrading your Advanced Process Control platform.
    IConS® -our APC system based on artificial intelligence algorithms- is designed to stabilize and optimize production processes 24/7.
    IConS® integrates seamlessly with any control system (PLC/SCADA or DCS) via OPC communication, ensuring easy implementation and compatibility with your existing regulatory control systems, online analyzers, and machine vision systems.

    Artificial vision systems retrofit

    If your plant is already equipped with a machine vision system, the performance of your processes can be enhanced by implementing a retrofit, either at the hardware or software level.
    The components of cameras, similar to other electronic devices in a machine vision system, may undergo degradation over time due to regular wear and constant use.

  • Are you experiencing data communication issues between your cameras and artificial vision software?
  • Is the image quality not optimal?
  • Are you experiencing issues with your camera's lighting system?
  • Is the image capture speed (frames per second) insufficient to capture relevant process data?
  • Or, simply put, are your cameras no longer functioning?

  • If you have answered YES to at least one of these questions, it is the right time to consider an upgrade to the hardware of your existing vision system.
    Our IViS® network cameras are compatible with the majority of third-party artificial vision software, facilitating a seamless and fast integration into your existing vision system.

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