With 10 plus years proven experience, our engineers are specialists in design and implementation of computer systems based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, which allow to control and optimize industrial processes of diverse complexity, generating tangible benefits:

Increased production and productivity
Improved product quality
Cost reduction
Profitability increase
Increased personnel security

According to McKinsey*, Advanced Process Control (APC) systems are Industry 4.0 value drivers.
By implementing such systems, industries (for instance chemical, mining and aggregates, to mention a few) can achieve great benefits**:

3% to 5% productivity increase, thanks to real-time yield optimization
45% to 55% productivity increase, thanks to automation of knowledge work, remote monitoring and control
10% to 20% cost reduction, thanks to advanced process control
10% to 40% cost reduction, thanks to remote maintenance

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* “Digital in industry: From buzzword to value creation“, McKinsey, 2016
**”Industry 4.0: How to navigate digitization of the manufacturing sector“, McKinsey, 2015